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My platforms foster safe environments. Any and all forms of bigotry is not permitted.

I am a psychological horror artist. A lot of my work is a representation of my struggles with childhood trauma, my identity and disability. Artistic pursuits have always been my defining special interest since childhood. When words failed me, I turned to art to say what I could not. I want my work and my discussions to open up opportunities for others to better understand the experiences of others like me and perhaps even understand themselves.While my topics may be uncomfortable or hard to swallow, I hope that opening these topics for conversations will help to connect and heal.


  • Accepts USD thru cashapp and venmo

  • Price is determined after the submission of your commission. (Prices may range anywhere between 10$ - 100$+ depending on how complex your request is)

  • Paid in full upfront, 50% refund if not satisfied (No refunds near or after completion.) Refund policy may be further discussed after submission of your commission for full transparency

  • If commissioner is no longer able to be reached, the commission will be dropped and a 20% refund will be issued

  • Commissioners will receive frequent progress updates (Images will be low quality or heavily watermarked)

  • Completed commissions may be posted to my social media unless commissioner requests otherwise

  • I reserve the right to not accept a commission

  • Completed commissions will be sent to commissioners through email

  • Images are in PNG file format

  • Price non-negotiable

  • If for any reason I decide to cancel your commission at any point, a 100% refund will be issued


You may send your commission in to my Instagram, Twitter or through my Email.

When commissioning, please provide what applies to your request:

  • Images of characters or get as descriptive as possible for best accuracy. (Consider clothing, poses, facial expressions and colors you might want to see.)

  • If you want a background, please include images or description

  • Image's aspect ratio

  • If you need your commission complete by a certain date, please make this clear before I accept your request

  • How it will be used (This mainly applies to those who are planning to use my commissions for their own media/products i.e music videos, merch, youtube, ect.)

  • Provide an email for me to send the completed works file

  • Be prepared as well for me to ask for more details or elaboration if needed

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Last Updated: 1/27/2021

My work discusses serious topics that could be triggering for some viewers. I won't always provide warnings. On this page, I will list frequent topics. If any of these are sensitive for you, my page may not be for you and that's okay. Stay safe and take caution. <3

Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Self Harm
Paranoia and Existentialism
Discriminatory Violence
School Violence

Many of these make appearances in either my artwork, stories or discussions. My work is largely based in personal experiences and fears as well as occasional social commentary.